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this is the tumblr of viktoria cichon, an illustrator from southern germany.

Check out my submission for Show us your type! Next stop will be challenging.

Art prints

11. February 2014

I’m selling art prints at Society6 now and you can purchase my poster at my bigcartel. Check my stores! Let me know if you want anything else.

This is the cover of my book about escapism. It shows you the way out of reality into the colorful worlds of your imagination. 
My first book arrived today! I think i’m in love #Illustration #lettering #book #bachelor
today I’m spending my time listening to music in bed since i’ve been working 24/7 on my bachelor thesis and other stuff. relaxing is harder than i thought!
by the way, you can purchase this poster. just e-mail me at mail(at), and i’ll send you a copy
A little preview of my bachelor thesis. Coloring ist so much fun #Illustration #escape
Serious indesigning. Only a couple days left… #Illustration #twitter
I’m quite obsessed with drawing plants at the moment. I wish I would get paid for drawing letters and flowers. Anyone got a job for me? Come on
a classic! 
roses are red, violets are blue, i made a gif just for you. 
Another part of my bachelor thesis. It’s about having no privacy while crashing on a couch for months. Thanks to Vera for telling me about her experiences in Portugal. 
love letters and leaves. this is one part of my bachelor thesis I am working on over the next couple of weeks. stay tuned
I’ve been listening to Shlohmo a lot lately and especially the remix of Lol Boys’ Change. Did this sketch a while ago and finally finished it today.